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Palliative care Fort Wayne IN, guarantees to increase the quality of life for older adults and provide support for their families. We also aid families to cut down on unnecessary medical costs. Our palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life by anticipating, treating, and preventing pain.

How does palliative care enhance the quality of life for seniors?

Living with a chronic illness can be difficult in a variety of ways. You may be experiencing discomfort and other unpleasant symptoms, be worried about your future, or be concerned about how your loved ones handle your illness. Palliative care may be helpful.

What is Palliative Care, and what does it entail?
Palliative care is for patients suffering from a severe disease, whether curable, chronic, or terminal. Palliative care helps people achieve the quality of life by avoiding and alleviating pain, managing symptom and pain, giving advice on making difficult medical choices, and aiding on an emotional and spiritual level; and most importantly, by assisting the patient in the entire healthcare system.
On the other hand, hospice palliative care is a form of palliative care for patients who have reached the end of their medical options and have six months or less to live.
Who is a Palliative Care Provider?
Doctors who specialize in palliative medicine and a team of caregivers that include nurses, social workers, chaplains, physical therapists, dietitians, volunteers, and others offer palliative care. Palliative care nursing collaborates with the patient's other physicians, who may be offering curative therapies.

Palliative Care in Your Home

Palliative care Fort Wayne IN services will help patients and their families cope with a terminal illness’s challenges at home. Palliative care is a general concept that covers all stages of end-of-life care.

With us, we offer hospice palliative care for all patients who have a terminal illness and focuses on caring rather than treating early in the disease process.

Technically, as the patient reaches death, palliative care should turn into hospice care. Hospice treatment is typically given in the home. Still, it is often available in hospice facilities, clinics, and nursing homes, so with Palliative care Fort Wayne IN, we come in both.

Our Treatment choices are weighed against the relief of symptoms as well as the values of the patients. Each patient's pain reduction and symptom management needs are addressed by implementing an individualized plan of care.

The patient's family is taught how to care for him or her at home. Hospice provides medical supplies, tools, and medicines. As required, specialized services, including physical therapy and speech therapy, are offered. Short-term inpatient treatment can be made available if symptoms or discomfort become too challenging to handle at home or if caregivers need some time off. Hospice also offers bereavement therapy to friends and family members who have lost a loved one.


When caring for a loved one at home becomes too much for family or friends to manage, Palliative care Fort Wayne IN is readily available, whether on-site health assistance  or home health care. Take comfort in knowing that an extra helping hand is just a phone call away, whatever needs you, or a loved one may have. For inquiries, call us.