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Day Care Fort Wayne IN is a structured activity program in a professional care environment for older adults who need supervised care during the day or who are alone and lonely. Day Care Fort Wayne allows seniors to socialize and participate in organized events in a community environment while also providing necessary health care. At the same time, they offer family members respite from caregiving duties while assuring them that their loved one is protected.

We focus primarily on social and recreational programs, with a few health-related and personal care services thrown in for good measure. We provide more extensive medical and rehabilitation services. Physical, occupational, or speech therapy, or medical care rendered by a registered nurse or another health professional, are examples of our services. A type of facility provides specialized care for people suffering from a particular medical disorder, such as dementia or a disability.

What We Provide in Day Care Fort Wayne?

Our aims as a well-run adult daycare center would be to improve elderly people’s lives, develop their talents and abilities, and include plenty of social interaction. Here are some activities:

  • Guessing Games

    There are several types of guessing games that can be played. One method is to put objects in a paper bag for touching recognition. This helps to improve sensory and memory skills. Visual memory can also be strengthened by showing players pictures of famous places and people for recognition. Another method of playing mind games is to play recordings of sounds like musical instruments or animals for players to recognize. This helps to improve auditory memory.

  • Electronic Game

    Electronic game consoles offer an infinite number of brain games that seniors can play to improve mental skills such as memory and reaction speed. Consoles like the Wii and Kinect are particularly helpful in getting seniors to exercise.

  • Crafts and Arts

    Making arts and crafts is a perfect way to pass the time while reinforcing imagination and cognitive function. Also, there is a wide range of choices to choose from, ensuring seniors do not get bored.

  • Drawing

    Drawing is an excellent substitute for watercolor painting. Although it still encourages seniors to express their imagination, it needs fewer materials and less time to set up and clean up afterward. Seniors may opt to draw portraits of each other to make drawing a social activity.

  • Scrapbooking

    Scrapbooking and collage-making can be extremely helpful to seniors. To begin with, looking through an old picture album brings back fun memories. Second, making a scrapbook or collage by cutting, pasting, and designing it helps with spatial concepts. Furthermore, the act of completing a scrapbook and collage will provide the senior with a sense of achievement, which is beneficial to mental health and the prevention of depression.

  • Crochet

    Crochet, like knitting, enables seniors to create something useful that they can use regularly. They may also make something for aesthetic decorations to freshen up their homes. Crochet designs also make excellent gifts!

  • Planting

    Gardening not only maintains the senior physically healthy, but it also can provide a great sense of accomplishment, mainly when the fresh-picked veggies or fruit are being used in meal preparation.

  • Dance Classes

    Seniors with greater mobility will get some exercise by participating in some basic dance sessions. It's also a perfect opportunity for them to meet new people. If a senior has minimal mobility, arm gestures will work.

  • Sing-along Classes

    For good purposes, sing-along classes are a common practice in adult daycare. It is a great way to boost seniors’ happiness while still allowing them to interact. Seniors can get even more involved in the activity by forming an impromptu rhythm band out of traditional household objects like coffee tins and wooden spoons as drums sticks.


Let your loved one experience a life of happiness by doing activities while socializing with others. Here at Day Care Fort Wayne, we give outstanding care for your loved ones. So contact us to enjoy their life.